Wedding Anniversary Man with a Pan!

On Saturday 10th September 2011 Bigday Catering was in Barton, Cambridge for Mr and Mrs Kirker’s tenth wedding anniversary. They celebrated with 75 guests, most of whom attending their wedding ten years ago. Despite worries earlier in the day the weather stayed fine to the evening’s garden party. Two marquees were set up in the [...]

Man with a Pan

Mike Peake of Royston, Hertfordshire had a fabulous birthday party on Saturday which involved dancing until the early hours in a wonderful marquee. Bigday Catering provided a large ‘Man with a Pan’ chicken, chorizo and seafood paella which was a big hit with all the guests. It was accompanied by lots of home baked, fresh [...]

Lucy’s Indian Holiday

Last week I had some Bigday’s whilst holidaying in India! I was catered with some wonderful local food. At a sikh temple they provide meals for the local community, made in giant pans – making our large ‘man with a pan’ paella dishes look tiny! I also experienced an Indian wedding procession. Which was amazing, [...]