21st Birthday Bash!

This Saturday just gone, Laura MacFarlane had her 21st birthday party in Therfield. The scene was set for a perfect birthday bash! Sunny, outside, and in a tipi tent!

The guests arrived looking fabulous for the arrival drinks of champagne, which the handful of 21 year olds thought was great, and were treated to a selection of canapés which included beef carpaccio, mini Yorkshire puddings, asparagus and prosciutto spears and a salmon and cheese mini bite.

Everyone sat down in the tipi which was decked with real ivy, horse shoes and a name place which consisted of a chalk board with fancy hand writing for their names. The fire pit crackled on as the guests enjoyed their 3 course meal.

Deep fried brie with cranberry dipping sauce and a slice of toasted ciabatta

Pan fried duck breast, dauphinoise potatoes, redcurrant sauce, Courgette ring with green beans and carrots
Vegetable Wellington

Sticky toffee pudding, whipped cream and pecan nuts

After the meal, speeches began, and so did the drunken singing!

The bar was then open for business, with white sofas with an animal fur throw to sit on whilst they chilled and chatted and drank the night away… or danced the night away on the dance floor with DJ and lights, there was even a disco ball hanging from the ceiling of the tipi!

All in all it was a great evening and Bigday Catering were happy to be a part of it! The guests all had a great time; however I doubt they had a great time in the morning if you know what I mean!

Theo, Lisa and…. Craig David!

On the sunny morning (that turned into an extremely hot day!) of the 18th August, Bigday Catering attended the wedding of Lisa and Theo in Cambridge. What a glorious day I turned out to be, weather was gorgeous, and there were even a few surprises along that way!

Lisa had transformed her father’s garden into a beautiful wedding dream. A gorgeous marquee for the ceremony, a classic bar area and a tipi tent for the wedding breakfast. As well as a campsite out back for the guests! Flowers, fairy lights, photos and candles everywhere to make the perfect wedding scene! This wedding also had one of the most gorgeous gift areas I have ever seen! Lisa, Theo and their friends and family really outdid themselves.

As guests arrived, they were welcomed by an ice cream van (well needed in the weather) and a refreshing cocktail Lisa and Theo had invented for a cocktail drink. Each guests had their cocktail in a personalised jar with their name on it which they could keep all night for drinks. The cocktail even contained edible glitter which really made the drink pop!

Now onto the outfits! Lisa had a gorgeous vintage style dress on, with a large bow at the back with an asymmetrical hem line at the front. The bridesmaids dresses were short with long tassels hanging off the hem line to create a 60s dress spin off. Theo wasn’t in a classic groom suit, but a vintage plaid suit which looked really good!

The guests moved into the tipi for the wedding breakfast, but before they could eat, they had to endure a drinking game! When the food arrived, everyone was hungry and the BBQ sharing platters went down a treat with sides of potato salad, bean salad and homemade coleslaw. For dessert was a trio of desserts which was lemon posset, chocolate mousse and Eton mess. Yum Yum!

Now, this first dance was THE best first dance I have ever seen! It was a dance off between the boys and the girls, with music throughout the ages. It was very well rehearsed and outstanding!

Onto the main event! We all saw the fantastic YouTube video the couple made to Craig David…well…He turned up! Craig David turned up to Lisa and Theo’s wedding and they were over the moon because they are his biggest fans! Even the table names were names after his albums! He stayed to do a DJ set and a live set which Theo even joined in and rapped along to.

After Craig left, the guests thought it would be a good idea to cool down by jumping in the pool and using the photobooth to capture the special day of Lisa and Theo’s wedding.

Summer Weddings

A busy month for us here at Bigday Catering, but nothing that we cannot handle or that we don’t enjoy! We love to cater for everyones wedding or event as each one is different and a unique experience to be part of.

This month has been a selection of weddings, parties and proms. Not forgetting the fantastic inspired we do each month. Each menu was different to the next, gorgeous venues, beautiful brides and handsome grooms.

Now, onto the fantastic food! Bigday served hog roast platters, BBQ platters, stuffed chicken with asparagus and goats cheese, partridge and pear pate, sharing platters which included a selection of antipasto, mixed seafood, picnic platter and a vegetarian platter, and prawn skewers for main and starters and that’s just naming a few!
Desserts now, a delicious selection of Eton mess, summer pudding, strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake, apple tarte tatin and even a sharing platter of Eton mess!
Various cheese boards and hog roasts were also served in the evening some were accompanied by our mobile bar that we can provide upon request.

All in all it was a fantastic month of events, with lovely and friendly brides, grooms and guests. Not to mention our fantastic team with have at Bigday Catering which also deserve a round of applause for being friendly and working hard at each event! Well done and thank you.

We look forward to working along side brides and grooms in the near future at their Bigday.

If you have used Bigday Catering at your wedding between the dates of 1st November 2011 till 31st October 2012, please vote for us for The Wedding Industry Awards 2013! We would be very grateful, thank you!


MAGPAS and Zandra Rhodes

On Sunday July 1st, Bigday set out to Godmanchester for a lunch time charity event. The sun was shining, which glistened off the river at Island Hall (http://www.islandhall.com/), a perfect setting for a great cause.

The luncheon was to raise funds for a Cambridgeshire charity called MAGPAS. The Mid Anglia General Practitioner Accident Service (MAGPAS) saves lives day and night for people who are in accidents. The team provides On-scene medical support, On-line medical support, special incident medical support and major incident medical support. So a very deserving charity indeed!

This event was also special for another reason as it was a fashion day, celebrating the British fashion designer… introducing the wonderful, fantastic and very talented Zandra Rhodes! Displaying a collection of the lovely Lady Linda Vane Percy of Island Halls Zandra Rhode dresses and accessories. Including an amazing wedding dress which Zandra designed for her. The collection consisted mainly of 70s gown, all in a very bold print which was absolutely fantastic!

Now, on to the meal! A three course Luncheon is in order for this excellent cause!
Starters consisted of rose of cantaloupe melon, prosciutto and summer berries

Mains was fillet of salmon, dauphinoise and seasonal vegetables
Red pepper Wellington, dauphnoise and seasonal vegetables

Dessert was a trio of delightful desserts.

Very tasty!

After the meal, Zandra Rhodes very kindly auctioned off a bag and an apron, signed with a personalized message from her, to raise money for MAGPAS. They raised £6000 that day, which has potentially saved 10 lives! So a very well done to everyone who attended!

Huge thanks go out to Christopher and Lady Linda Vane Percy of Island Hall for the amazing accommodation and also to Grace Vane Percy for organizing this very deserving charity event. Also huge thanks go out to Zandra Rhodes!

Rugby Club Dinner

On the 26th May, Bigday Catering had an event to cater for, not a wedding, but a rugby club dinner in Cambridge! What a day it was for it as well! Glorious sunshine throughout the day and not a cloud in the sky. As evening approached, so did the guests, happy and chatty as the sun was still shining.

What did they have for their 3 course dinner we hear you ask? On the menu tonight was…

Salmon Mousse with Toasted Bread and Rocket.

Chicken with White Wine Tarragon served with Dauphnoise Potatoes and Carrot through Courgette Rings.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Toffee Sauce and a Strawberry on top.

After the dinner, the live band started playing and got everyone on their feet with covers of some classic songs.

All the men were dressed very smartly in suits; including one man dressed in the best kilt get up we’ve ever seen! Also, all the women were dressed in their best dress for the evening.

Bigday Catering also cater for events like these and many others, like maybe a summer BBQ in your back garden! We cater to everyone’s needs and requirements so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Sausage and Mash… Yum Yum!

Once again this weekend we were at Minstrel Court, and the weather was fit for a wedding! The weather also went well with a nice refreshing glass of Pimms and lemonade for the reception drinks. This was lovely to sip whilst chatting about the ceremony and waiting for the wedding breakfast to begin!

Now onto the main course, a hefty serving of sausage and mash for all! Everyone seemed to be very happy with the meal of choice. For dessert it was a raspberry cheesecake served with some raspberry coulis and raspberries. Berry fantastic!

The bride and bridesmaids looked lovely; with a comfy twist… they all wore converse shoes to match! Maroon converse for the bridesmaids with white and maroon laces and white for the bride to match her gorgeous dress.

The groom and groomsmen looked dapper in their suits. The groomsmen’s ties matched the bridesmaids dresses perfectly, and the groom had a white tie on to match his wife to be’s dress.

At this wedding there were a lot of toddlers running around, and they all looked super smart and super cute in their little tuxes and little white dresses, with cute little shoes to match. Their hair was all smart and combed down; however towards the end of the night, it was no longer combed down and neat as they were having so much fun.

We wish the newly wed couple all the happiness in their future together.

Festival Themed Wedding

Back at Minstrel Court this weekend and luckily the weather brightened up and it was a nice sunny day, fit for a festival themed wedding!

Everyone rolled up in about 8 stretch limos for the informal affair, the bride dressed in a very unique punk 50s style dress, whilst the groom had a more laid back approach to the formal groom attire. The bridesmaids also looked good in 50s style bridesmaids dresses.

As the guests entered the marquee, they were expected to wear wristbands, just like at a real festival, so they could get in and out. Also, the tables were named after well known festivals like Reading, Wireless, V Fest… you get the picture!

This wedding didn’t have the usual wedding breakfast, oh no, but a festival style finger buffet, to get guests really in that festival frame of mind! The buffet included chicken drumsticks, a selection of tortilla wraps, some pasta salads, a fruit platter, and even some sausage rolls!

It was a brilliant day and we would like to give the happy festival couple huge congratulations and wish them all the happiness in their future together!


Once a month Bigday Catering attend a function called Inspired. What happens is a different speaker will come in and speak about a different topic each month which will inspire them to do these certain topics.

Last night we catered for this function at the new venue of http://stonetime.co.uk/ in the beautiful showroom. Bigday provided the drink selection of soft drinks, beer and wines. We also provided the little buffet which consisted of a selection of Mediterranean vegetable and chicken salad wraps, chicken drumsticks with chili sauce, a potato bake, pasta salad and some mixed leaf salad. It looked delicious and went down a treat with the guests.

Last night inspired was all about how to plan things in the right way, and the steps taken to do this. It was a great speech, which even included a task for everyone, which was all about planning a wedding! Bigday felt right at home! Each group was in charge of something different, i.e. venue, catering, guests, basically all the things to make a wedding. The idea was to plan each part in 10 steps, correctly and easily. It was an entertaining task that everyone enjoyed. The speech also reminded people that when planning something, there is always someone there to help you along the way!

The organizer of this wonderful event is Ann Hawkins, the loveliest lady you’ll ever meet! She is on twitter, as is everyone who attends Inspired. To find them simply put in the search bar #binspired and everyone who was there, including Ann, will be there. A lovely bunch of people, including some Palazzo (http://www.eatdrinkpalazzo.co.uk/) regulars, which are always nice to see, but we do welcome new comers to!

Bigday look forward to doing Inspired next month and the topic of discussion it brings.

3 Weddings 1 Weekend

This weekend was a busy one for Bigday Catering, 3 weddings over the course of 3 days, 2 at Minstrel Court and 1 at Bucketsland Farm. However nothing is too big for Bigday Catering!

The first of the three weddings was at Minstrel Court, Bigday provided canapés, which included the ever so popular mini fish and chips with mushy peas, a tasty delight! Everyone was buzzing from the ceremony and discussing it made the guests rather hungry, so it was time for the sit down meal, which consisted of…

Chicken served with white wine and tarragon sauce with dauphnoise potatoes and green bean bundles.

Sicilian lemon tart with vanilla cream and raspberry
Also tea, coffee and chocolates were served.

As the evening guests arrived, we served up traditional paella, but also meat paella, which went down a treat!

Now onto the second wedding of the weekend, which took place at Bucketsland Farm, however it wasn’t in a marquee, but giant tipi tents, which were decked out with an inside fire inside which was nice and toasty and fairy lights up each tipi pole, it looked lovely!
Guests arrived back from the ceremony to find Bigdays bar stocked with drinks, which pleased everyone! Various canapés were served including mini sweet ones (iced buns, little cupcakes etc).
Now onto the sit down meal, this included…

• Seared scallops with chorizo and pea puree
• Goats cheese bavrois with caramelized onion chutney and toast
• Tomato soup

• Vegetable Wellington, tomato sauce, fondant potato and seasonal vegetables.
• Rump of Therfield Heath lamb served with red wine jus, fondant potato and seasonal vegetables.
• For the children we served Penne bolognaise

• Trio of Desserts: Eton Mess, Profiterole and Lemon possett
• Gluten free had this without profiteroles
• For the children we served just profiteroles
As evening guests arrived we served up a hog roast outside which included rolls, salad, new potatoes, chicken drumsticks, Mediterranean vegetable kebabs, crackling, stuffing and various sauces.

The third and final wedding of the weekend took place, once again at Minstrel Court. Reception drinks and canapés were served to the hungry guests until it was time for the sit down meal.

• Hog Roast served with crackling, stuffing, apple sauce, home baked rolls, new potatoes, sausages and a selection of salads.
• The vegetarian option was a Mediterranean Wellington

• Eton Mess
• Profiteroles
• Fruit Salad

The evening was a tad different to the normal buffet, instead they had a cake competition, this is were the guests baked a wedding cake and bought it in, in hope to win. They all looked delicious and all deserved to win!

Each bride looked amazing and each groom looked handsome in their wedding attire, same goes for the guests. Each menu was made just for them and went down a treat.

This weekend was a taste of what Bigday looks forward to doing in the summer! Loads of weddings/events bring it on!

Eat. Drink. Palazzo.

Bigday Catering will normally 9/10 have a wedding at the weekend, however on the odd occasion we don’t, some of us will work in the partner restaurant. This time I was the lucky one who got to work!

Palazzo in Royston, Herts is a well known restaurant that has an excellent reputation. The menu is Italian and Mediterranean influenced food. Bigday also have event tastings here as well in the weekday.

On the Saturday night I was working there, we were very busy! Downstairs was full with small groups and the romantic dinner for 2, upstairs we had a party of 15! So, very busy! Sometimes I will get stuck at what to do, or how to make something, but everyone is so nice and willing to help.

There is so much to remember, I am just getting to grips with Bigday, but on top of that, I am learning skills and the ins and outs of Palazzo. There is so much to remember, from how to use the authentic Italian coffee machine, how to open bottles of wine, how to serve the wine correctly, getting the food out without dropping it up the stairs, designing desserts to make them look good (and let me tell you, my first attempt at a dessert was laughed at!) however all this makes it a pleasant experience and an enjoyable time for the customers.

The food here is amazing! Take my word for it, I eat pizzas almost everyday for lunch and they are top notch! The pasta dishes are also to die for and our fresh fish dishes are divine!

If you want to know more or are interested in visiting, then don’t be shy and check out our website at http://www.eatdrinkpalazzo.co.uk/