Sausage and Mash… Yum Yum!

Once again this weekend we were at Minstrel Court, and the weather was fit for a wedding! The weather also went well with a nice refreshing glass of Pimms and lemonade for the reception drinks. This was lovely to sip whilst chatting about the ceremony and waiting for the wedding breakfast to begin! Now onto [...]

Festival Themed Wedding

Back at Minstrel Court this weekend and luckily the weather brightened up and it was a nice sunny day, fit for a festival themed wedding! Everyone rolled up in about 8 stretch limos for the informal affair, the bride dressed in a very unique punk 50s style dress, whilst the groom had a more laid [...]


Once a month Bigday Catering attend a function called Inspired. What happens is a different speaker will come in and speak about a different topic each month which will inspire them to do these certain topics. Last night we catered for this function at the new venue of in the beautiful showroom. Bigday provided [...]

3 Weddings 1 Weekend

This weekend was a busy one for Bigday Catering, 3 weddings over the course of 3 days, 2 at Minstrel Court and 1 at Bucketsland Farm. However nothing is too big for Bigday Catering! The first of the three weddings was at Minstrel Court, Bigday provided canapés, which included the ever so popular mini fish [...]

Eat. Drink. Palazzo.

Bigday Catering will normally 9/10 have a wedding at the weekend, however on the odd occasion we don’t, some of us will work in the partner restaurant. This time I was the lucky one who got to work! Palazzo in Royston, Herts is a well known restaurant that has an excellent reputation. The menu is [...]